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Dangerous Calling–a highly convicting audiobook review…


I want to give credit to the christianaudio Reviewers Program for the opportunity to review this work.

I remember when God began to draw me to Himself, and there are many ‘turning points’ that I now look back upon as God’s providential hand in my life.  I remember too the ‘dangerous call’ in my own life… 

The year was 1999, “Nothing you could ever do would ever make me love you any less… I forgive you.”  Brokenness.  Men’s groups, and a friend who taught me the ministry of Investing.  That later ‘investment’ was confirmation on a call to ‘leadership’.  I started seminary in 2001.  I changed my major from Christian Counseling to an M.Div. with an emphasis in Pastoral Counseling.  I finished my NANC certification in 2004 during my last trek toward seminary graduation in 2005.  Connie and I were on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ with the Military Ministry while I was finishing out internships at local churches.  Part of graduation was an acceptance of a fulltime position at a local PCA church as Tech Director, Small Groups Pastor, and Biblical Counselor.  In Oct 2007, I resigned from the fulltime position and Connie and I spent time in fasting and prayer and started an Organic Reformed Church in our home.  I also went to work for an system integration company (technology).  Oasis with elders, deacons, and a good trek with 32 participants at its height, lasted three years and it dissolved.  We are in our second year with a Sovereign Grace Church church plant. 

I could have used a resource like Dangerous Calling at ALL points of this short paragraph above.  The introduction introduces this work as Diagnostic Manual for the heart and in Paul’s words;

This is a diagnostic book. It is written to help you take an honest look at yourself in the heart- and life-exposing mirror of the Word of God—to see things that are wrong and need correcting and to help you place yourself once again under the healing and transforming power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This book is a gentle but firm conversation between pastors, discipler, counselors, followers, ministry leaders and the gospel of Christ Jesus.  From the uncensored personal testimonies of how God had people participating in Paul’s life, to turning points in thinking, this work is now a permanent part of my library of reference materials that warrant revisiting.  Confronting the Unique Challenges of Pastoral Ministry is best summarized as YOU getting out of the way so Christ can work. 

Part 1: Examining Pastoral Culture could have also been called, “let’s level the playing field Dangerous Callingand get a few things straight…”  I easily identified with almost every illustration, story, and testimony of pride with my story painted all over it.  Part 2:  The Danger of losing your awe and forgetting who God is, was a pivotal chapter for me.  The exposition of Psalm 145 was much needed and I drank deeply.  Part 3:  The danger of arrival and forgetting who you are, reminds that despite all the knowledge, wisdom and experience, there is still room for improvement and that the Father still loves you despite your sin because His Son took your place. 

This worked reminded me that I have a very limited view of God’s holiness and of my sin. Paul reminds that the more I grow in my Christian life, the more I grow in my awareness of God’s holiness and of my flesh and sinfulness. Reinforcing consistent Bible reading, experiencing the Holy Spirit’s conviction, and living in community with other people, the extent of God’s greatness and the extent of my sin become increasingly clear and vivid. I was reminded that I will only rest in Christ when I am increasingly seeing God as He actually is (Isaiah 55:8-9) and myself as I actually am (Jeremiah 17:9-10).

This audio was interesting, challenging, inspiring, and redemptive for me.  Paul’s end of chapter heart questions were quite helpful, convicting, and great prayer topics.  The Father and I had some good discussions and you will too.  As per usual, Paul Tripp holds your attention, presents the topic in a cohesive appealing and sitting right next to you, personable manner.  Saturated in Biblical truth I found this to be a quite refreshing fountain much needed for my bitter heart.  My pastor and I are meeting this week, so I we can discuss the implications of this work in our lives (yes, I got copies for my pastors and you should too).  Over breakfast next week, he and I will continue the conversation of the Dangerous Calling.  I recommend that cases of this book appear at the end of the graduation stage of every bible college and seminary and be handed to each graduate, it may just touch a few lives.  In my story, I still have not arrived, but this work was right on time, on the stage of what I call my life and I cannot recommend it more highly…to everyone.

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